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My primary condition is:

Psoriatic's Psoriatic Arthritis Total approach to Health(PATH) page

I developed it I believe because I never treated the psoriasis thoroughly.

PsA also brought along:

Iritis (which I control now mentally)

Ankylosing spondylitis (pronounced ank-kih-low-sing spon-dill-eye-tiss)

[ Well, flying off the backseat of a 130mph motorbike at 19 did that one ]

Raynaud’s Syndrome (which I control now with mittens when its cold)

Spastic Bladder due to I believe non-Dr. supervised higher doses of ibuprofen

(~1000 mg in day) that seems to cause severe frequent urination.

(now those symptoms only occur under the allergic attacks described below).


I have found:

Disease-Modifying Agents help slow progression clinically but for me did THE LEAST to help the day-to-day symptoms,

A Twice-Daily NSAID (but never took a COX-2) is necessary for me but DOES LITTLE to combat acute flare-up’s,

Supplements are subtle in their good effects, that I always suddenly notice

when I’m dragging on the SECOND DAY AFTER STOPPING,



I have easy-to-follow information to beat Arthritis

For over ten years, I have researched

Autoimmune conditions

My history of Arthritis:
Summer 1987:
After years of a very poor diet, wearing ‘too tight’ cycling shoes
and ignoring ‘dry scaly skin’ conditions,
Foot pain symptoms started in my toes at age 26.
March 1993:
Diagnosis/treatment started for Psoriatic Arthritis: PsA 
I received NO successful diagnosis,
this after seeing five different foot and sports/physical medicine doctors:
over six years of walking with crutches on and off.
In MY OWN RESEARCH, I found an article in a musculo-skeletal doctors’ trade magazine that stated,
Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) is ‘hard to correctly diagnose.’ 
I had seven of seven symptoms the article indicated. 
I went and saw a Physical Medicine doctor and showed him the article. 
He doubted I had the condition, but AFTER I INSISTED, he wrote me a referral to see a Rheumatologist. 
She diagnosed me with PsA in about twenty minutes! 
That Physical Medicine doctor’s brother HAS THE SAME CONDITION AS ME! 
That doctor now uses my case study as a ‘quiz’ for medical students,
to diagnose the condition, based on presentation of those (my) symptoms! 
March 1993:
Started on Diclofenac Sodium 
A NON-COX-2 NSAID with the trade names "Voltaren" or "Arthrotec"
continue presently(75mg twice daily).
March 1993:
Started on Methotrexate 
(25mg/week- QTY (10) 2.5mg tablets once a week over two days)
November 1995:
I was given this book, it best sums up my current approaches
to treating my disease:
"Natural Healing: The Total Health and Nutritional
Program: Reprogram Your Body to Fight Disease, Combat
Aging, Gain Renewed Health and Vitality"
by Jack Soltanoff, Steven J. Bock
After reading this book and LEARNING that
food is a key component to controlling the daily symptoms of my arthritis, 
I started to follow the simple guidelines it stated.
(They posted my review of the book on the above amazon link)
Within three to four weeks of good dietary practices,
my arthritis pain and stiffness symptoms started to COMPLETELY disappear!
By Early 1999:
(Reduced weekly Methotrexate to 15mg/week- QTY (6) 2.5mg tablets once a week over two days)
March 2002:
I Stopped Methotrexate! 
I found that throughout the course of my treatment on methotrexate,
although its severe poisoning did slow down the disease, 
Methotrexate did little to help control the actual daily symptoms, the pain and stiffness. 
My experience with supplements and diet modifications
is what gave me my life back!
I found very direct cause/effect links 
between diet / use of supplements and
the resultant control of Arthritis symptoms.
Great reference links I relied on in my research:
are holistic doctors.

Reading the info shown on the
[] pages 
for the similar condition Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA) defines the
most important cause/effect mechanism I have found:
"A diet high in fat/processed foods will cause
Arthritis symptom flare-up episodes."
Once I got all high fat foods out of my system, over
about three to five weeks, I saw that subsequently eating the offending items:
diary, donuts, fast foods, etc.,
a big offender I found also was "NUTRASWEET" such in diet soft drinks:
will cause a flare within an hour that lasts six hours.
I feel the symptoms grow as the offending food goes farther down my digestive tract.
The symptoms reach a maximum when the food reaches my lower colon. 
The stiffness, the digits’ sensitivity to cold, 
the restless legs, the hands, feet and back spasm symptoms
are coupled with
 spastic bladder symptoms
(meaning any urine in it causes the muscle at the back to spasm 
and the muscle at the front to lose out
meaning “I have to go number 1 badly!” I take cranberry for UT health)
I ALSO find that within SECONDS of expelling waste food
in a bowel movement IMMEDIATELY starts the arthritis symptoms reducing to ZERO. 
I have found that My Arthritis symptoms have
NOTHING to do with weather changes.
One theory is that my intestines are too porous
meaning long chain molecules (such as fat cells
lipids, etc.) pass directly into the bloodstream, whereas in
'normal' people, these are broken down into non
harmful shorter chain molecules before passing that
blood/colon wall barrier. The longer fat molecules
then accumulate in my joints and become rancid and
turn on the autoimmune response.
After eating the offending foods, I am non-symptomatic as the food remains in my stomach
(for about an hour or so);
then as the food enters my small then large intestines, 
I can feel the arthritis symptoms start:
First in my spine, 
then extend outward into my limbs,
to the fingers and toes (digits).
It seems like a systemic allergy
as the food goes farther along my digestive tract.
I have also found that it is key to keep the complex sugars’ levels in the blood ‘In the Zone.’ 
I believe the mechanism is that if I allow my blood sugar to get too low,
then my body starts to metabolize fats, and the by-products cause stiffness also. 
I don’t understand this chemistry too well, 
but I KNOW that skipping meals
will cause my stiffness to flare within a few hours of ‘running on empty.”

I find the flare-up/allergic reaction sometimes requires one full night of deep REM sleep to 'reset' my body's homeostasis.
Sometimes I have night-sweats (like those when one has a fever) with this particular recovery sleep.
There is also the theory that it is key to keep the body’s pH biased Negative:
pH value at, or above, a value of 7 out of 14:
So, although I LOVE coffee, 
(the more oily, the better: 
Extra Dark FRENCH ROAST served via unfiltered French Press 
and 4-shot Espresso’s are my favorite)
I try to ensure I don’t drink more than two cups a day and try to NOT drink it on an empty stomach.
Otherwise, it can stiffen me up by, I believe, biasing my pH acidic (pH value less than 7). 

<>health supplements listed in rough order of importance in success I have had in
combating my ARTHRITIS symptoms:
<>Omega 3-Omega 6-Omega 9
(active ingredients: EPA18%:
equal to 180mg; DHA 12%: equal to 120mg)
(ESSENTIAL fatty acid)
I take Fish oil, there is also Flaxseed Oil
Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate
(Joints Nutrition Supplement)(I buy tablets consisting of at least 1200mg->1500mg each of BOTH
These are ‘salts’ that are used in building up the joints.
The sources are bovine (cows) or shellfish shells. 
NOTE which source the product you buy is made from,
[in case you have shellfish allergies also.]
Read about these supplements here:
He is the Dr. that started it all! 
He also shows on his web page, the PRODUCTS of this type TO AVOID! 

Grape Seed Extract
(super strong antioxidant)
i did not know it can cause scalp dryness, my scalp psoriasis might be aggravated by this;
Milk Thistle Extract
(Active ingredient: Silymarin ~180mg per tablet)
This product protects the Liver and aids the liver in its function to
Filter the blood and make fats bio-available to the body [as Glycogen]

<>Quercetin with Bromelain
(super strong antioxidant)
Co-Enzyme Q10
(vascular health)

Chronic disease treatment by conventional (western)
<>medicine doctors seems focussed on immune system depression.
<> I was on that leukemia chemotherapy drug
(methotrexate) for nine years. 
Nine years of continual anemia, colds/sinus infections and weekly nausea and "the blahs."
Doctors are now saying arthritis isn't an "autoimmune"
disease. They are only recognizing
that NUTRITION IS VITAL to controlling this disease.
<> Rheumatologists seem to not focus on dietary effects on the disease.
Now I take natural supplements instead of
a "disease modifying agent" (read: immune system destroyer)
 and I have no symptoms or side effects.
I believe this disease is predominately caused by the 100 year
old petrochemical industry, heavy metals and
pesticides/agricultural hormones in aquifers, and
corporate farming and processed foods. 
Taking pharmaceuticals just adds to the body's cumulative
poisoning and will cause more food allergies/sensitivities.
The Arthritis Foundation's supplement guide:
These couple of years now that I have been 
off Methotrexate
are the best I have felt in years!
The Disease’s progression is only very slowly
fusing the spine/neck 
and some fingers are involved now as well as
further slow mangling of the toes.
By using the supplements above,
I no longer have the overt stiffness and lethargy
of the disease and its conventional treatments.
By sticking to a reasonable diet,
I have now 
This means limiting, but NOT NEEDING TO ELIMINATE, 
the offending foods.
I now can enjoy OCCASIONALLY, VERY SMALL amounts of:
Red Meat, CHEESE, BUTTER, Ice Cream, 
ANY Fried Matter or 
If I stick to the philosophy,
‘All things in moderation’
 I have NO MORE ARTHRITIS flare-up’s. 

Complementary and Alternative treatment information to help understand and combat the above adversaries.

Information sources


For MS:

I also now follow these 5 simple instructions to beat
My AutoImmune disease with great success:

Conventional MS treatment breakthroughs:

As of 12-31-02:

- Humira, made by Abbott

-         for Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Natalizumab

-          [Dr. Miller at the Department of Neuroinflammation, Institute of Neurology, Queen Sq., London WC1N 3BG, United Kingdom


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