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TONIGHT Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008

9pm (on the East and West coast) on ABC



this Saturday, Dec. 13, 2008 9:30am

(on the coasts) on the CW

more about all of this BREAKING NEWS below


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Don' 'chu ferget:
Kathy has her own
KATHY’s Management! 
Semler Entertainment
13636 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 510
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423


Dec. 10, 2008

(Web Editor: SORRY! for long time since updating…) 

WOW! Kathy is on PRIME TIME!

TONIGHT Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2008

9pm (on the East and West coast) on ABC

Kathy's role of "Carrie Sinclair" is intro'd.

in ep.: "Know When to Fold"

"...Charlotte's rival practice opens its doors,
forcing the doctors of Oceanside Wellness to compete for clients..."

the subsequent episode

#2.13 "Nothing to Fear"

will air on a Thursday night, some time in late January 2009 or early February 2009.



this Saturday, Dec. 13, 2008 9:30am

(on the coasts) on the CW

-it's the sneak preview, which is basically the first of 40 eps.

--Kathy's role of "Michelle Walsh" is intro'd--

Kathy's character
is  "mentioned" in ep. 1 to set the stage for her character's arrival in ep. 4

They build the storyline up to then to introduce her character in  ep. 4.

U kno since I'll be getting all jacked up on drinking the sugary milk of my Apple Jacks
while watching all 40 eps of this Saturday AM sci-fi show,

For certain I am gonna start with the sneak preview!

- the series will start airing regularly in January, on the CW, on TBD time Saturday mornings -

Kathy's in about 20 of the eps's.

For certain, she will be the kick a** Hottest of all the Hottie's on this funky show!

cant wait!




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Kathy's previous updates:


(Web Editor) rocketJOHNNYk's logdate:



Kathy's role of Nikki Mandel was on Californication!
Episode 3 - The Whore Of Babylon

This Monday 09-03-2007:
Episode 4 - Fear And Loathing At The Fundraiser

Here's their Message Board about Nikki Mandel:
[Web Editor Note: One must sign up to 'see' msg board, I signed up then wrote in]

(Lifted from Kathy’s blog:

…In chicago for a quick jaunt.

“… did adr [automated dialogue replacement]  the other day for "Californication." had to replace the word "masturbation" for the free tv eps, and then they asked me to put some "sounds" in for my sex scene. Unfortunately, basically ALL of our dialogue got cut, making it not funny, and you can't even see my pretend husband. you can hear his grunting but can't see him. i ad-libbed some lines just in case they want to give the scene a little oomph.

[Web editor: ratz! That’s a bit of a disappointment, but I guess that’s showbiz…].

great stuff going on with "the wind effect." the ifp market is really giving the project great exposure.

i'm already getting emails from big companies, expressing interest in meeting.

it's a trip. we are going to rent an apartment near the venue for the entire week in NYC.

[Web editor: very exciting!]

so sadly, i dropped out of larry moss' intensive for the second time. larry is such a great teacher, and we even discussed what material i should work on next (when pete and i went to vegas opening weekend of hisclint holmes show.) but my scene partner dropped out due to financial reasons and i lost the first week of rehearsal. when i got reassigned, i made the executive decision to put all my effort into prepping for this market. what could be more important, professionally, than getting this film made, once and for all!

so cross your fingers. things are looking really phenomenal!


!!!! Kathy did two episodes of SHOtime's "Californication" !!!!

[After much digging, I heard

the first time we see Kathy on "
it will be in a sex scene
in which Kathy is bored out of her mind!!!

 Sources heard Kathy had a long discussion with the director and
Kathy is keeping covered enough that Kathy will NOT show her breasts...

from Kathy's blog:
"...It's not a big deal, but if I'm going to be naked,
I'd rather wait for my film."

[(The Wind Effect), now I really can't wait to see her film!]

Apparently the episode after one sees
Kathy's character having sex with her handsome, rich husband
Robert Merrill I think] that bores her,

Then I think in the next scene
one sees Kathy's character
[Nikki Mandel, a chick-lit novelist]
coming on to David Duchovny's character at
a big swanky fundraiser at a big agency (ala ICM or CAA) that reps both
Kathy's character and DDuchovny’s character.

[Also, KC Fan Club page curator believes that
Michael Lembeck" directed the second episode Kathy is in.
Wow! he's a pretty big director...]

(from kathy's blog: "...He's particularly great working with actors, b/c HE'S an actor too.
I like working with actors who direct b/c they
usually focus on the nuances of the actor rather than technical. 
...(Michael) Lembeck was pretty efficient at both.")

[I think tentatively, these scenes occur in

third(3rd) and fourth(4th) episodes.]

[I heard more, but my source said I only would get what I got if i kept the other on the DL ]

[per Kathy's blog:] "...Maybe they'll bring me back. 
I'm established as Nikki Mandel. As a chick-lit novelist,
and since
David Duchovny's character is a sort of novelist himself,
I might get to re-visit that circle.

[More from Kathy's blog on the shoot:]
"...I shot the first scene for "Californication" last week. 
Unfortunately we went into meal penalty,
 so we had to shoot the scene quickly and efficiently.
Three QUICK takes with all the colors stripped away.
[Kathy] was going to do a crossword puzzle during her "lovemaking" scene with husband,
but they took it away at the last minute.
Even took away her magazines,
so Kathy stated she was left to her own devices
re: my boredom and distaste in my marriage. 
"...It's too bad b/c I brought in all these fun ideas that the director and writer liked,
but we just flat out ran out of time.
 The time gets allotted to the star first, and that's just the way it is.
So today, I go to the table read for the next episode. 
This time my scene is with
David Duchovny and it's pretty fun. 
I hit on him pretty hard at a fundraiser,
and [Kathy's character] is the only woman he DOESN'T sleep with...yet! [Wow!]

Kathy stated the director/crew is fabulous
and totally easy going and fun with whom to work.

Kathy states it's a pretty racy new show,
but they are making great efforts to make the show classy.
The writing is very smart and funny as hell.
When it came down to the "nudity" issue,
the director of the
first episode Kathy shot,
Scott Winant was amazing.
Kathy stated he was totally open to her feelings
about how it should be shot and what would make [Kathy] most comfy
- so naturally [Kathy] kept covered enough for her taste. 
Kathy added, "it's still a pretty funny, not to mention, a crazy hot scene."



Kathy has a recurring/ongoing role on a SCI-FI kid's series!

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight"

[while  Kamen Rider Dragon Knight(YouTube link)”
 is a children’s show, it’s a sci-fi kid’s series that is looking pretty cool.]

[Kathy is working with Steve Wang (whom she worked with on "Guyver 2 Dark Hero"]
[see Kathy's "Earlier Film and TV Work" section on the KC Fan Club for more]

Kathy plays "Michelle Walsh"

a jaded paranormal journalist from,
who is fed up with years of wishy-washy sightings.

[from Kathy's Blog:] "...This newbie girl, Maya, comes in with enthusiasm and hope,
but I keep her under me while she gets more experience on the field.
It's called "Kamen Rider", based on a very popular Japanese comic book character. 
I get to play "Michelle Walsh" the hip, snooty journalist
seeking stories of paranormal sightings, etc. 
I became jaded over the years and now I don't take too much grief from anyone. ..." 

[Kathy starts shooting on week of July 22...

UPDATE! 07-22-07
[I overheard Kathy was saying,
"Steven Wang is super super fun and cool to work with,"
and Kathy is already having a
grand old time. -neat-o!]

[Apparently, they are starting blogs for the
characters, so stay tuned here....


MORE NEWS from Kathy on her own screenplay/film: "The Wind Effect"

Kathy's screenplay, made it into
29th Annual IFP Market in New York City, in September 2007.



Kathy recently did a
21st Century Insurance commercial

[Wow!] Kathy is dressed in a french maid outfit
when her husband and her have to pull over with car problems.

[Kathy's "husband" in the commercial
(George Hertzberg - best known as "Adam" on buffy the vampire slayer)
is in a bunny outfit!]
Kathy said he gets funny calls by a kid passing by,
while [Kathy] get a cat call from a biker dude.

[Kathy is ALSO a 21st Century Agent,
so Kathy is seen later in a suit in an office talking about how
 "we're drivers just like you..." 
per Kathy's Blog: "...That part of it was supposed to be the guy,
but the clients decided they wanted [Kathy] to do it instead. ..."]

[from Kathy's Blog: "... The clients/agency and
director (
Steven Burrows) were fantastic. "

We had a ball shooting, and then [Kathy] went in later to lay down the voice over track for the spot.
Great group of people.  Everyone there, clients/ad agency/director/crew is fabulous. ..."]

[Kathy's been invited to the screening of an indie tv movie
he is IN as a comedic actor
"king kaiser"]


KATHY did a new photo shoot with Will Cole...

November 09, 2006:

[Ed.: I found an E! Online STARLET! Entry I saved!]

Client List
Kathy is on
Click on "ON CAMERA"

September 20, 2006:

Kathy's Folger's Commercial
Click on
 “watch our commercial”
[Ed.: I’m not sure how long the link will work, so this is what i did:
i could not download that ad's movie clip
directly from the Folger's page,
so i shot it from my PC's screen to digicamera.
The clip i did has a very BOOTLEG look to it,
as in not very well in focus and a little jumpy.
i have it as a link on my
KC Fan Club video clips:
"...i shot it from my PC, so that why it looks so shakey and out of focus..."]

September 13, 2006:

Background on:
Kathy's Folger's Commercial

[from her blog:]
"...A couple months ago
(when she was doing that
Larry Moss intensive and had just returned from Italy)
Kathy got an audition for Folger’s
and had to leave the first day of the intensive to audition.
  Kathy rushes over to the casting office and begs some of the other girls to let her go ahead of them.  
Kathy says it’s one of those auditions where one has to pretend everything,
from drinking coffee, to “having a moment”
to getting splat in the face with food from your toddler across the room, to cheerfully responding.  
So she just whips through it and runs back to the intensive.  
It was one she almost skipped b/c Kathy was so intent on focusing on class while there.

The Larry Moss intensive ends, Kathy says she's spent.
Kathy gets a callback.  
Kathy goes through the motions and the Director doesn’t show any expression.
 Kathy says all she wants to do is bolt home and get her life back in order,
so Kathy is walking back to her car, and,  like there’s been an emergency.  
Suddenly she hears, faintly, from far behind her “KAAAAAAATHY!!”  
Kathy turned back and it’s the Casting Assistant waving her down.
It turns out, the Director wants to see Kathy again, quickly.
Kathy reflects, "...Hmmm...that’s always a good sign.  ..."
Kathy walks through the waiting room full of actresses,
the Director asks Kathy if she can be “more animated,”
which is hilarious to her b/c Kathy stated
she just had an intense chat with Larry Moss about this very thing.  
Kathy stated she is so animated in life that she would
have to concentrate on toning everything down for camera.  
Kathy smiled broadly and said to the Director “I sure can.”

Kathy booked the job.  
Kathy said they "...shot it in an amazing house in the Pacific Palisades,  overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  ..."
Kathy said it was a somewhat technical shoot, as she had to capture a lot of subtleties while acting “naturally.”  
Kathy stated the clients were fixated on showing the product properly.
They were very happy with Kathy's work.  [Ed.: Of course! I say]
Kathy stated, "the Director was fabulous – seemed like an old friend.  And we had great fun. ..."

Kathy stated they decided at the end of the first day
that they would hire her for the second day.  
The second day was all product shots and usually they would hire a hand model.  
The Director argued
"...that Kathy's hands were perfectly suited for close ups..."
 and Kathy got an added day.  
Kathy's business partner in Cherry Street Films,
flew in and met her on the set, [and got to eat great food and hang out in her trailer. ]
Kathy said she worked for about 30 minutes that day (in the morning) and then
literally sat around in a big cushy robe (her wardrobe) the rest of the day, into overtime.
Kathy had nothing else to do after 10:30am, yet they kept her until past 7pm.

Kathy of course didn't mind that they simply wanted her presence on set,
as Kathy stated,  "... the toddler was adorable and the client seemed happy. ..."


After updating her blog per above, Kathy said she is off to a Walmart ad audition.

August 04, 2006

NOW on
90-second theatrical trailer for "Mementos"
 a short film spoof of the Christopher Nolan thriller "Memento"
 "Mementos" is a production of Love That Fox,
starring Paul McKinney
Kathy Christopherson
 and Simon Brooke.
 It is directed by Mike L. Taylor.
WATCH the Trailer HERE!

August 22, 2006
Watch very funny Kathy in the Bloopers here:

June 7th, 2006
[Editor's birthday]

Kathy started a production company

"Cherry Street Films." 

Some other recent goings-on with Kathy:

  ...Kathy's preparing "for the 
larry moss' intensive" at the end of the month.

Kathy was at the set of "The Shield"
Frank Darabont was directing an episode
 and had invited Kathy to visit.

She said It was a blast  because she watches the
show religiously and of course agrees its brilliant, and
Kathy's met Michael Chiklas on a couple occasions.
Kathy stated, "He was fabulous."
Michael Chiklas remembered Kathy from his friend
John Cygan's film,
Ed. Note:  the film I loved Kathy's role in, and the entire film]

"Breaking In"

Michael Chiklas [of course] gave Kathy a really warm welcome on the set.
Kathy said they chatted about everything from politics to greek history,
literally seconds before he was supposed to be shooting.
Kathy said they would be rolling already and he's be telling some hilarious story
 and just get up, running to hit his mark.
Kathy said, "It was fun"
[sounds awesome!]


[Web published] April 27, 2006

Kathy Christopherson as "Maura"

MAINSTAGE 1998 - Sacred Fools Theater Company

April 06, 2006:
EXCITING NEWS from Kathy's blog:

" Kathy got her script
["The Wind Effect"]
back from  Eric Stolz and he loved it.  
Kathy met him a while back and asked him to look at it,
not with anything in particular in mind, just read.  

Kathy said he [Mr. Stolz] stated he was intrigued by the attention it’s gotten
Kathy said he was generous enough to read and give notes.  

Kathy stated she was thrilled to say that,
 "...he [Eric Stolz] likened it to movies like Last Tango in Paris etc. and “Lynchian” in vibe. ..."

Kathy said, "...So hopefully he’ll take a cup of joe and let me pick the brain a little more. ..."

February. 20, 2006:
"... I met GEORGE CLOONEY last night. A funny guy."


Wed, 05 Oct 2005 08:32
a KC update: "...
I leave for NYC in a couple hours.

Have to take a later flight b/c of course, I have a satellite call back an hour before my flight takes off!
and naturally, it shoots in New York!
Unbelievable! Looks like I'll be in NYC either way."

Thu, 29 Sep 2005 09:02

...Kathy just booked a SEARS commercial.  She stated, "The director is a great one.  
And suddenly it's really busy."  

Kathy read for "THRESHOLD" yesterday. 
Then she got an email from MARCIA CROSS, 
re: a role coming up in DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.  
"...Not a huge one, but a scene with Marcia that could be fun."
 [Ed.: Remember KC Fan's, of course Ms. Cross is in
Kathy's short]

Mon, 29 Aug 2005 19:58

Well, that pilot Kathy did "WESTSIDE" changed its title to "SOLD."  Kathy's not sure if they will ever air it, but just in case.

And then a while back, Kathy did an episode of NICKELODEON's "UNFABULOUS." 
She had to maneuver a 5-day old cow, which she said sounds fun but isn't. 
Somehow Kathy managed to get a role playing a snotty, cliché agent and her client was the cow!

Kathy said, " was a sorta 'unfabulous' career moment, one could say" ;)

Kathy said she is going to get back to her orphanage script for now and get re-inspired!

"P.S. Go to, look up "THE WIND EFFECT"
and then read the
user comment.  "

Kathy said she loved it so much she's framing it, and emailed the girl to tell her that.

Wed, 24 Aug 2005 11:52

... Kathy just got back from Colorado!!!

Mon, 25 Jul 2005 23:19

Kathy said she worked on a NICKELODEON TV show last week: 

"... had to try to get this 5 day old cow to walk across a stage and down a ramp during my scene. 
Since the cow could barely STAND, it was clear that the 2005 world champion calf wrangler couldn't have managed the direction.

Kathy said, '...Sorry to have a downer update, but it's all part of the journey. 
Sometimes you have to laugh at these things. 
They always turn, so it's bound to get interesting. 
Could wind up in Kansas for a WAL-MART shoot next month.  Oh boy!"

Sun, 01 May 2005 15:34

Kathy said, "...JBJ has now postponed AGAIN, until tomorrow, a packed day for me. 
I have agreed to meet within an hour of the requested time, for a limited time, but frankly, i hope he is early.
Regardless, let's give this one more shot."

Fri, 29 Apr 2005 15:30

Kathy said, "...For those of you putting out good energy for me on Sunday [May 01, 2005] at 1:30pm, please push it back to 6:30pm. 
My meeting with [Jon] Bon Jovi [JBJ] has been pushed to 6:30pm. 
Of course, I'm thrilled if you want to just start putting the energy out by 1:30,
but this message is mostly for those of you who are contemplating showing up at Four Seasons
 to hide behind palm trees or ask for my autograph while chatting with Jon.  ;) "

Sat, 09 Apr 2005 03:08

Kathy said, "...went to MethodFest, but then had to leave early, damn these crutches.

INTERMISSION didn't get the audience award, but NICK MUCCINI conveyed this:"

------ Forwarded Message
From: Nick MUCCINI
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 05:05:27 EDT
INTERMISSION Wins Special MethodFest Award!

Hello Everyone,
A note to let you all know

that INTERMISSION was singled out tonight at the MethodFest closing awards ceremony,

receiving an award of "
Special Honorable Mention." 

In introducing the award, festival program director TIFFANY NAIMAN lauded INTERMISSION as a wonderful study of the lives of woman in a unique and beautiful setting.  She later described how INTERMISSION's atypical structure made it difficult to fit the film in any of the standard award categories so they decided to offer this special award.  Actor SEAN ASTIN, emcee for the evening, presented the award.
Unlike the other awards, in which all nominees were listed in the program, no film was listed in the Honorable Mention section so it completely surprised Laura and me when they announced the film.  Earlier in the evening, festival director DON FRANKEN told the audience that this year's slate of films was the strongest ever in the festival's seven year history, with thousands of submissions and award competition for selected films extremely fierce.  With that in mind, the surprise was all the more rewarding!
So, it is with deep gratitude that Laura and I say thank you and congratulations to you all for your work in making INTERMISSION worthy of this special recognition!

Fri, 01 Apr 2005 11:24

per kahty, "...I'm okay, but a little sore today.  Really pushed it yesterday with auditions, etc.  went to chiropractor this morning for an adjustment and she wound up having my foot iced and ultrasounded.  Let's see what THAT does!  now it's green.

[Attended]  a screening of Intermission at The Method Fest [web editor: on her own, on crutches]

Have to find someone who might be willing to cart me around. 

I think I am going to be okay. Unfortunately there is probably ligament damage and that could take a long time to heal.  But I'm working on it!

I have a lot of decisions to make right now, re: The Wind Effect.  Options, deal memos, etc. are all happening (or not) right now. 

So that ought to keep me at a desk, on the phone with lawyer, for a while.

Send healing angels, please!"

Thu, 31 Mar 2005 11:00

[in reply to web editor: "Did you work with Peter Weller? I met his nephew the other night who was out with our friend Jimmy K who is from Chicago originally...]

Aha. What a trip. Yes, it is a small world.

Peter [Weller] didn't shoot with me. I did do the network reading with him last
week, but my scene was with PETER FACINELLI, the other scene with another actress who was just shooting that day.

Hopefully the show will get picked up and there will be plenty of opportunities to work with ALL of them!

Off to three auditions!

Wed, 30 Mar 2005 23:17

3 auditions tomorrow (2 of which are call backs) and I'm still trying to figure out how to feign a good foot.  Ahah.

Cross fingers.


Wed, 30 Mar 2005 13:25

[web editor: did you come on set saying, 
"i thought that's what they meant when they asked for method acting, 
i mean, how was i to know they didn't mean 'break a leg' literally?"]
I thought of the "break a leg" thing, 
but I was more concerned with whether or not they were going to fire me.  ;)
Wed, 30 Mar 2005 11:21
[sent to KC fan club page web editor] "... you think everything out so well.  
What an appreciation I have for that!  I get in trouble all the time for that very thing.

Did I tell you I'm on crutches!!  I can't keep track.  
I fell off my bed (long story) on Saturday night and just about broke my foot.  
The ER Doc said no break is showing in the xrays,  nor did the radiologist find

anything, but the doc had been convinced that it was fractured somewhere. Hurts like a [webeditor: MOFOCO]. 
Needless to say, I showed up to the set of the pilot "WESTSIDE" anyway, 
on crutches, praying that they wouldn't fire me.

Thankfully, they were all very supportive and I assured them that I was up to the task.  
Sure enough, I was able to do the scenes, IN HEELS, sans crutches, when the time came to shoot.  
In fact, the foot that started to really hurt was the good one, for taking all the weight.  
By the end of the night, the ibuprofen had kicked in and I think my shoe was serving as a splint.  
I actually walked on it for a second!  but today I am recuping.  
I am just so relieved that I was able to make it happen.

The Writer/Executive Producer, SILVIO HORTA, (URBAN LEGENDS) was an absolute doll.

Not only supportive of my efforts, but very enthusiastic about my performance.  
And BRYAN GORDON, the director who most often does comedy, seemed to be having a ball with me.  
So I am lucky and grateful that I "stumbled" upon such a supportive, lively group.
Fortunately, I WAS up to the task and was bound and determined to do my work without letting the injury cripple me.  
And I have to admit, it was a real sweet surprise to find the support of the cast and crew, 
i.e. Boys picking me up and carrying me, actresses getting my lunch for me, etc.  
it's a lesson learned about the generosity and compassion of other, 
in even, yes, lala land, home of the narcissists.

So I'm a lucky dog.

Mon, 28 Mar 2005 18:34

per Kathy: Now, here's some news. I almost broke my foot (freak accident jumping off
my bed, on my way to get a tissue to get a spider b/c it was too small to
catch and put outside) and landed on my big toe, which cracked my entire
foot forward and sent me into a downspiral. Saturday night. BAWLING
screaming bloody murder. We iced it and then thought it would be okay, but
no such luck. Easter morning in the E.R., doc was convinced it was broken,
but xrays show no break. Even the radiologist didn't see a break. Yet, I'm
in a splint with crutches and I'm showing up on set tomorrow to freak
everyone out and potentially get fired from the set. Can you believe it!
it's a big nightmare. Two jobs at stake this week and I'm really bummed.
Don't think I'll be walking anytime soon, let alone in high heels.

So there you have it. A fate foretold. What can I do!

Sat, 26 Mar 2005 11:48

[reply to the web editor asking: do you think you will add in any product placement to "The Wind Effect" ?]

 I think we're probably too premature to think about product placement at this juncture, 
but there is definitely all sorts of room for it.  
In fact, POP TARTS are featured!  it's my character's nickname by one of the other characters.  
However, I don't think they would go for the association.  
But lots of room in the bbq scene, and all the bar scenes.

Trucks at the construction site.  Lou Malnati's pizza gets a big plug.

Product placement can be a gas, if it's subtle, annoying if it's not.  

But there are a couple endorsements WRITTEN in, not for those purposes, but why not capitalize on it!

Fri, 25 Mar 2005 10:48

kathy said, "Wow!!!  that is the most brilliant, off-the-cuff analysis of a dream I've heard in a long time.  Perhaps you've missed your calling.
Gosh, I always think that my dreams are linked to love and relationship stuff, but this makes perfect sense.  I must really secretly be a mistrusting person.  Damn.  It's just brilliant.  I love it.  Thanks, love the dream analysis."

[above written in reply to the web editor who wrote:]
"...those 'hit the snooze bar' fifteen minute (REM-rapid-eye-movement) dreams are always the most bizarre and vivid.

Do you think 'the car' was your treasured possession i.e., 'The Wind Effect' idea, 'the junkies' were Producers/Industry people, and 'the cow patch' was the Movie Industry 'minefield' that you have to wade/fall through?  [written in reply to Kathy's blog entry below]

I had this really freaky nightmare this morning,
so I'm still coming out of it.  Junkies stole my car and I was falling all
over a cow patch, trying to make sure my car was gone, screaming "they stole
my car!!!" and that's just the end of the dream.  Argh.  Analyze that!





Kathy is working on a pilot tentatively called "Westside," with Peter Weller and Judith Light.  

[I believe she did a network reading of the script last week and stated "everyone was fantastic."


I believe Kathy shoots next week with director Bryan Gordon, and she said, "...I'm really looking forward to it. ..."

Also, There's Breaking News on
"The Wind Effect" front:


...two Producers are now on board.  Looks like things are moving forward!

Glen Ellen wine spots are airing again.

Here's [yet another!] funny ['COOPER' National TV commercial] story: Kathy was emailing with a friend "Billy" the other day and was chatting about his commercial director friend, Chuck Bennett.  Billy suggested that Kathy and Mr. Bennett meet somehow.  The name seemed so familiar to Kathy, [but then, I'm sure she must meet a lot of commercial directors].  Billy gave Kathy Mr. Bennett's contact numbers and told Kathy he was expecting her call.  As Kathy dialed, she thought "is this the ['COOPER' commercial] director??"  Sure enough, Kathy and Chuck put two and two together, and it turns out it is!   As Kathy says, "...Small world, huh!  Serendipity at its finest. ..."




"A Fate Foretold" is being shown on!!!


From: "Erik Hoard"
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005
To: <>
Subject: I was on rocketjohnny's KC FAN CLUB page and ...


Good afternoon!  I wanted to let you know that your short film "A Fate Foretold" is being shown on Movielink in a
short film collection called "Something Supernatural."  [WebEditor's NOTE: is an MS IE 5.0 web browser ONLY optimized page]

It is one of the better short films we have among the collections - and you are absolutely wonderful in it - to the point that I was searching about for other work you have done.
Anyway, I wanted to pass that along should people ever ask you where they might be able to view it.
Best of luck to you on your continued career.
Erik Hoard
Senior Coordinator, Content Operations
Movielink, LLC

[WebEditor's note: Movielink describes Kathy's role in this as "an unscrupulous business woman," I add, "that does 'that little black dress' justice]

Mon, 14 Mar 2005 14:17

...big meeting tomorrow morning re: the financing of "the wind effect," so keep your fingers crossed!






Method Fest in Calabasas is the first week of April 2005.


Kathy was prominently featured in a recent short called "Intermission"


"Intermission" not only got into Method Fest,

WHAT: Shorts Program 6

WHEN: Saturday, April 2, 2005, 1 pm


Wednesday, April 6, 2005, 2 pm

WHERE: Louis B. Mayer Theater

Located on the (MPTF) Motion Picture and Television Fund's

Wasserman Campus in Woodland Hills (23388 Mulholland Drive).

Map to it:




I believe Kathy is ALSO in consideration for "best supporting actress."


"Intermission" was directed by Laura Cayouette, with the support of Quentin Tarantino and Brett Ratner.

If you can't make it out to
Calabasas for Method Fest the first week of April 2005,



8225 Sunset Blvd.


is having a FREE SCREENING

@ CINE-SUSHI short film fest

8:00PM this Thursday, Feb. 17, 2005.  





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Two of Kathy's newest commercials came out recently, for "Leapfrog" and "Lincoln Mercury."

Soon to follow is the "Sure" commercial that should be out late November 04. In this one Kathy gets chased by a real live grizzly bear!




[WEB Editor: Tonight I saw Kathy's Mercury SUV commercial, called "Trash".

Baker Smith directed,

he is THE hot commercial director for the last couple of years.


Her character pulls a trash can from the garage down to the driveway curb, behind the SUV.

She sees her husband off as he gets in the SUV. He backs down the driveway and the back-up sensors alert him the can is directly behind him.

As he gets back in after moving the can, the camera's eye shows Kathy looking out and smiling as the door closes.


...leaves you wishing YOU were living in that perfect suburban commercial world, where your wife takes out the trash, and she is sooo gorgeous you could care less that she puts it in your way because the SUV saves you from your lazy suburban male straightguy self anyhow...]


Kathy just finished a one-act play called "Squiggles."

This play was part of a playwright's festival called

"Seven Playwrights Exposing Themselves"

at Gardner Stages.


It was directed by Jim Tavares.


Kathy worked opposite Matt Corboy.


SCREENING of short film Kathy has prominent role in:


"Allegra" in





View Trailer here also:


direct from Kathy:
"...In March, I went to the premiere of the short 'Breaking In.'
Michael Chiklis of "The Shield" was there.  He stopped
me after the screening and gave me lots of kudos.
As fate would have it, I'm doing a one-act play right now and my
[acting] partner Matt Corboy did 15 episodes on 'The Shield'."


Kathy was recently ON STAGE as 'Clara' 
in The Arcade's production of Maureen Teefy's 
"Clara Bow"




Recent Short film role for Kathy:


"Interjector" in



Respectful Acknowledgement to: for source of this synopsis:

"...Set in a woman's restroom, "Intermission" is a comedic peek behind closed doors into the overly busy lives of women. Yearning to get pregnant, Vacationer takes a break in the Bahamas, but as she recounts the jam-packed days of her trip to her supportive friend, Love, it's evident she was too busy to even lay down. Talker spins a convoluted rant about being interrupted as Edgewise, her audience, tries to get a word in. Sleepwalker gets more done after midnight then most people do all day. Her friend, Relater, is sure she empathizes until Interjector throws in her two cents.

Though all of the women are not aware of it, they are most busy during moments carved out for rest, all too busy living to having a life. ..."

starring Joanna Cassidy, Susan Leslie, Danica McKellar,

Shirley Jordan, Jeanne Chinn, Kathy Christopherson, Julie Brown, and the beautiful women of the ladies' restroom!







"...Kathy's episode of COLD CASE - "Late Returns" - aired on CBS!

Sunday, April 4, 2004

[right after 60 Minutes]

straight from Kathy:


"...I play 'Beth' in the present day, with big hair, green eyes and implied lesbianism.  It's kind of scary, actually.

...both of my scenes are with [the]
lovely Kathryn Morris.  We had a blast. ..."



more info on the Series:


Casting notes (as posted from this link):

"...[BETH BUNTZEN (PRESENT)] Now an architect, she's visited by Rush and Valens because a note in Shannon's pocket the night she was murdered is traced back to Beth. Ultimately, Beth is straightforward with them about her admiration for Shannon and how she confessed to Shannon her love...5 speeches & 15 lines, 2 scenes (12) ..."


12:27 PM 1/27/03 
Kathy is busy with The Wind Effect screening coming up
and class starting on the 4th.
Kathy said, "...not a night goes by without work in it. 
It will be a little more relaxed after the screening on the 19th. 


03:44 PM 1/21/03

 Kathy's audition schedule - intense;
finds out last second sometimes. 
usually Kathy knows the day's schedule the night before, but
she missed one today, as Kathy got a call at 10:30am
for an 11:30am call all the way in Hollywood,
 and couldn't go b/c she was in a post production session for Kathy's short.  bummer.
09:20 AM 1/16/03

 yesterday Kathy found out that she is
being called back to the director for that film
Ang Lee is producing


11:20 PM 1/27/99 EST

Kathy, said the commercial went great
[Ed.: but they only shot one of her close-ups, ratz! I so enjoy her subtle non-verbal expressiveness] 
Kathy said it was a 30 sec spot so there was not enough time for superfluous, non-product humor.

The film did not happen.
Kathy said they told her agent and manager,
 that it pretty much came down to a coin toss. 
'Lovely' was Kathy's reply to this.

 They went on to say,
"but that girl is going to book something big and soon."
Kathy said she never even got to read for the role.
[Ed.:  their loss.  Again, no sense in the biz.]

Some more NEWS from Kathy:
- Theatrical is slow due to Sundance.
- Commercial auditions are booming.
- Called back for something today that will shoot in New Orleans.

A little excerpt of Kathy's blog:

Jeff Corey is 85 years old and was one of the unfortunate blacklisted actors during the Communist fiasco.
Thus he started teaching and has taught everyone from James Dean to Jack Nicholson.
He is still very sharp, but I am having a hard time getting to class
b/c he teaches during the day, and out of his home way up in Malibu.

I am just happy that I have worked with him at all so far.

You can see him in movies such as "Little Big Man," 
"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "True Grit." ..."

Kathy said she had her first guitar lesson last night
and learned the first several chords of "Don't Fear the Reaper."

 [Ed.: There is just no question that Kathy was born to be a rock star!  ;^D ]




08:37 PM 1/12/99 EST

Kathy is shooting a commercial this week for Jennie-O Meats. 

It is with Erik Estrada

and the guy who says "I love ya' Man" in that funny Bud commercial.

Kathy plays "a gum chewing waitress with an attitude."

Kathy is also being seriously considered for one of the female leads in a film,

Kathy read for the lead, and then met with
Director and Exec. Prod. and Casting
to discuss my thoughts on the second lead.

Kathy said talked about nothing for an hour,
then they requested her demo from her agents.
 She hadn't finished her demo updates, they wanted more. 
Kathy then had to drop off clips from Executive Target. 

Kathy said she "is progressively starting to feel like that gum chewing waitress."

More NEWS via Kathy's blog:

"...Fortunately, I got accepted into Jeff Corey's class.  He is 85 years old!!!!!

I am so excited you can not imagine.  He is brilliant and I start tomorrow.

He is really enthusiastic about me coming to class, which is a huge honor for me.


Also, I did a table reading of a new screenplay last night, and my character seduced Bob Saget's character
(you know, Full House, Funniest Videos...) 
Scott Baio was directing and there were a couple of other pretty recognizable actors there.

What a trip.  ..."

Kathy bought a Fender Stratocaster and decided to learn how to play!

If Kathy books this film, she will be shooting until mid-Feb. and if not,

Kathy will be packed with pilot season auditions anyway.



Kathy's Film she is creating!


"The Wind Effect"


A screening was held at


Monday, March 01, 2004

"The Wind Effect" is a short based on a feature Kathy wrote by the same name.

It essentially introduces the subject matter and has turned into its own little entity.  




Kathy Christopherson .... Dani Porter

John Pyper-Ferguson .... Jake Porter

William Devane .... LT Porter

Grace Zabriskie .... Allison

Marcia Cross .... Molly

Jamie Donovan .... Tanner

Cara Jedell .... Carson

Mikul Robins .... Bartender

Debbie Diamond .... Debbie Diamond/The Januaries

Alec Nemser .... Bouncer



Directed by
Paul Todisco

Writing credits
Kathy Christopherson


The feature is currently in development.




The Wind Effect



Synopsis here on IMDB:



To obtain more info about the film

E-mail here:




Recent updates from Kathy:


"...Brett Ratner's company has "expressed interest in producing The Wind Effect," ...

The audiences are hungry for these types of films, especially after the success of 'Monster.' ...


...I am working with new lit reps, Alchemy."



another synopsis link:



Kathy also worked with William Devane:


on the Show "Knots Landing":

Episode 275 May 10, 1990, "The Fan Club" (as Nurse #2):

Episode 302 May 16, 1991, "Play, Pause, Search (1)" (as Servant):

Episode 307 October 3, 1991, "I, Claudia" (as Sumner's Secretary):

Episode 310 November 14, 1991, "1,001 Nights of Anne Matheson" (as Sumner's Secretary):



Kathy's work with Grace Zabriskie:


"The Wind Effect":


previously also:


"A Fate Foretold":



[As of 12-02-2004 link now down]



The most recent things published about Kathy's work:



From IMDB:

This is very up-to-date on her goings-on.


At the

bottom of Kathy's bio in this above link, it talks about her being

'that girl on the commercial.'


This commercial is the one that opens with a woman at

a computer making plans for a business trip to Cleveland with an

obnoxious co-worker guy named "Cooper."

It shows her in close-up making travel plans at a computer, then

shows her in her mind's eye on the plane in pain dealing with his obnoxiousness - very funny spot!!



This guy watched "The 'Cooper' Ad" for two weeks straight!


Kathy's FILM Work:


"Yahoo! Movies" Message Board about Kathy:



Short Films:




stills of Kathy as "Natalie" HERE:



"Mutual Love Life"



Aspen filmfest 1999:

Featured on's "Image Makers" (Program 102: Love, Death, Cars and Pigs):

Page 35 of 58:




"Solomon Bernstein's Bathroom":





"A Song for Honest Abe"




"The Right Hook":

then scroll to "DVFF Winner - Short"




A list of some of Kathy's many TV roles:





Cold Case

Sunday April 04, 2004

"Beth" on Episode: "Late Returns"

Casting notes:




"Gina" on Ted Danson's "Becker" :

Season 5, Episode 5:

"The Grand Gesture":



Murder, She Wrote

(again, right after 60 Minutes)

6th Season

Episode: "Seal of a Confessional":




Season 2, episode 9

"Dakota" in "The last Noelle":



her CSI role

"Ann" on Episode 116, Season 1 "Face Lift":

script transcript:


<>(check under "C")


this episode's AIR DATE was

March 08, 2001


a March 08 birthday:


<>[Claire Trevor]

<>[March 8th: 1844 - King Oscar I ascends to the throne of Sweden-Norway]




As "Girl" on Episode 26 "Carnival Knowledge" (AIR Date: February 20, 1990):


Kathy's NATIONAL Advertisement "Commercials":


From her listing on IMDB:

which is her very up-to-date on her goings-on,


at the bottom of Kathy's bio in this above link, it talks about her being

'that girl on the commercial.'



This commercial known as:

"Business Trip"

[directed by Chuck Bennett]

is the one that opens with a woman at

a computer making plans for a business trip to Cleveland with an

obnoxious co-worker guy named "Cooper."

It shows her in close-up making travel plans at a computer, then

shows her in her mind's eye on the plane in pain dealing with his obnoxiousness - very funny spot!!



This guy watched "The 'Cooper' Ad" for two weeks straight!


[WEB Editor's note: I was in the dog park with my collie Sara the other
day, I met a nice guy named 'Drew with a dog named Cooper. 
I asked how he came up with that name. He said,
"...he and his boyfriend saw this hilarious commercial 
about a guy named "Cooper" 
I told him I know the STAR of that commercial, small funny world!]



As of 07-20-04:


"...Kathy shot another national spot the other week, for Lincoln Mercury.  

Baker Smith directed

he is THE hot commercial director for the last couple of years.

[11-11-04: It's on AIR now! See Latest News above]  


Kathy's previous National Ad Spots:
The Bud Light spot is called "Shopping":
This one aired during the SUPER BOWL!
Bud Light - "Shopping"
"...this is the one, 
with Sean P. Hayes as her husband. 
It opens with Kathy stating, "Don't worry, Honey, I won't be long"
As she goes into the dressing room with a load of clothes to try on; 
it ends with the guys hidden in a rack of clothes sitting watching the big game.  
Believe it was directed by the same person who wrote the commercial
 'I love you, Man.'
 'Shopping' and 'Business Trip' (aka 'Cooper') are the most popular.
The list below goes backwards from most recent to earlier ones, 
but in no way could be all of them, and not in their exact order:
Lincoln Mercury, just shot, called "Trash", 
Directed by Baker Smith.
- Should be very funny -
Leapster, toy for children, 
takes place in toy story, 
husband played by Albie Selznick, 
Directed by Stan Scofield.
Macy's - called "Showing Off"
Mother's Day spot,
sitting at café with two other women,
showing off their Mother's Day gifts.
SBC - office worker 'high fiving' another female office worker like football players.
Leapfrog - called "Road Trip"
same company as Leapster, same Director, 
takes place in car with husband and daughter,
2 different spots, each for a different game 
one for Dora and one for another game.
Jaguar - called "Unwrap Bow"
driving car with the big red ribbon, 
Kathy getting checked out by hot guy
while her husband in drivers seat checks out a hot chick, 
Directed by Eric Joyner at Tool.
Glen Ellen Wines - two different wines, two different spots,
Called "Spontaneous Dinner Party" 
One for Chardonnay, the other for Pinot Grigio 
both of Kathy with a group of friends at dinner party.
The other spot called "Pizza"  
Directed by Mark Dektor. - aka the "Cooper" spot, a fav of many.
JC Penney's - Spring sale spot, "Family Portrait"
Rich Wafer was the Director
beautifully shot with three beautiful kids and a [hot] French husband.
Albertson's - took place at that fairly new sister park to Disney Land. - called "Baby"
Kathy's husband is playing on the computer 
and she coyly inform him that they 'are expecting.'  
Then one sees Kathy progressively more and more pregnant as they add onto their house.  
Directed by Stan Scofield.
Southwest Bell - it took place in a photo booth.
Budget Rental Cars - Kathy is an employee helping a customer get something in the back of her vehicle.
Robitussin - called "Not So Silent Movie"
At the old movie theater, 
the guy is coughing and the actors on screen come to life and ask him to stop coughing.  
Kathy offers him a Robitussin cough drop.
Blue Cross - called "Grand Opening"
Kathy's pregnant and glowing at the Doctor's office.
Minolta - Kathy's friend and her see a movie star at an outdoor café and get really excited.
Doritos - Jumpin' Jack Cheese - Kathy's wearing a big wedge of cheese on her head, yelling "cheese!" 
and Jay Leno is hosting the commercial.
McDonald's - "Big is Back"




Kathy's Earlier Film and TV Work:


Feature Film:


"Executive Target";_ylt=Avx2tuyiMnY3qvp_jhxAC1pDR60B?cf=&castinfo=0


Rent it at Netflix:,12,57488,00.html

A Geocities page about Blindfolds in film:


"Guyver2-Dark Hero"

(as "Cori" in the English version)


[Kathy's in the trailer]:




Also picture of her from this film is here:

(Scroll down to her name, last name list in

alphabetical order)


the INTRO clip on this link

shows her big smile and instant charm

in a candid off screen shot:



Pages in other languages:


Translate the pages here:



(as 'Medical Assistant')

1996 - USA, Concorde-New Horizons/Showtime Networks, col., 80 min.


in Italian:




in French:

"Sharing the Secret"

('Un secret dangereux'):

[Tim Matheson, Diane Ladd also starred]

New York Times page:



Dutch page about Kathy:



Kathy's Voice Over reading on the "Rift" Sci-Fi piece:

Unfortunately the links are outdated, please let them know:


Kathy's Earlier TV:


Burke's Law - Season 2

Kathy Christopherson as Mary Lou

Episode 2.13 Who Killed the Tennis Ace?
US Airdate: Jul/28/95




Kathy's CONTACT info:


Please direct questions to Kathy at:

E-mail here:


Here is the weather in Southern California where I would live if I were a movie star like Kathy:




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After a year of following all four,

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Read about Kathy reflecting on her last Starlet! journal entry:


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Page 9 of 20:


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