these are some links about my hometown of New
 Kensington, PA and its neighboring town, Arnold, PA.
 Those of us on my list of dear friends and of course
 family from there will read in awe of knowing these
 names, but not knowing just how big it was.
 Those of my wonderful friends on this list not from my
 hometown i figured would get a kick out of seeing the
 bizarre place i came from!
 reformed mobster:
 Nick Perry and the "666" lottery fix:
 other bizarre new ken stories:
 new ken granny foils robbery:
 then look for "park it and lock it":
 An 11-year-old boy made off with a car after it was
 left running and unlocked outside a church youth
 function in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. The car --
 which sustained damage from sideswiping parked cars --
 was a New Kensington police cruiser.
 bizarre history stuff:
 new ken resource:



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